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We Host Dental Externs from UNE School of Dentistry
Mountain View Dental(MVD) Passes Standards Set By Dental School
Dr. Weber and Dr. Brewster have qualified as Preceptor Adjunctive Professors for the New England School of Dental Medicine. Qualifying is rigorous, with coursework and visitations. UNE visits to our site and us to their campus.  Externs come for 3 month rotations starting June 5th, 2016.  To visit UNE School of Dentistry, click here.

Externs are senior dental students that are completing there studies in the field before graduation.  Our externs are proving to be a delight for the doctors, staff, and patients.

Welcome to Dr L'Heureux, Orthodontist
Expanding Orthodontic Services
Dr. Mona L'Heureux has joined us to provide a full spectrum of orthodontic services.  She brings over 25 years of orthodontic experience including treatment of orthognathic surgical cases, TMJ disorders and interceptive orthodontics. Certified in Invisalign, Dr. L'Heureux can provide treatment with clear removable trays, as well as with traditional fixed braces, utilizing the self-ligating Damon appliance.   Call to discover scheduling possabilities.  More about Dr. L'Heureux

She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association and is the North Country trustee of the New Hampshire Dental Association.

Using Lasers at Mountain View Dental
We are integrating lasers into our treatment. They save time, increase patient comfort, and reduce complications making our treatments more effective. Find out more here.  

A Different Kind of Dental Office          
Founded during the oil crisis recession of the 70's, we have based our practice on pain free and affordable dentistry to survive, grow, and thrive.

The people in the North Country of New Hampshire supply a wide range of dental needs. By necessity, we have developed a wide range of dental experiences and skills to meet them.  We are general dentists (Doctors Brewster & Weber with focal interests in pedodontics (children's dentistry), oral surgery, orthodontics (straightening teeth), and implantology.  Thus, we offer many services usually referred.  Click here Video to see videos on our latest techno breakthroughs!

An Example:  The Children's Program

Meet the therapists and see the room.

When the young patient (typically between 3 & 12 years old) enters our office, they don't receive the typical "cleaning" delivered by a hygienist.  Instead, usually with mom and/or dad, they receive instruction on how they can clean their own teeth every day as well as any professional.  This instruction is given in comfortable surroundings that inspire communication, trust and confidence.  Any treatment is planned with a high regard not to generate the dental memories that plague many adults.  more...

We Adapt to You

We customize a treatment plan to meet our patients' means and dreams. We can minimize the cost and time of care or expand this to a wide variety of necessary or elective choices.  Our goal is to finish your care as well as possible with as little disruption of your daily life style as practical.

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