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About Us

Founded during the oil crisis recession of the 70's, we have based our practice on pain free and affordable dentistry to survive, grow, and thrive.   Like a turkey avoiding the sacrifice before Thanksgiving, we understand that many people dread dental treatment.

We at Mountain View Dental like to have fun.  Though our work is of a serious nature, and striving for excellence is a daunting goal, we have fun, and take time to laugh at ourselves.   As a result, we enjoy each other, have made some good long term friends while working here - both on staff and patients in the practice.  

40 Year Anniversary Party  
Any excuse for a party, and this is a good one.  October 14, 1974 to October 14, 2014!  A local newspaper, The Caladonia Record covered our celebration.  Click on the left to see the article. Cal-Record 40 year story


The beginnings of Mountain View Dental was in 1974 when Dr. Brewster opened his solo practice with 3 employees at 7 Main St. in Kings Square, Whitefield, NH.  Surviving the Arab oil embargo recession of the 70's brought steady growth.  Dr Weber joined in 1988.   The corporation, started in the '80's as Roy D. Brewster DDS, then became Brewster & Weber DDS in the 90's.  In 2005, Mountain View Dental (MVD) was born.  Presently, Dr. L'Heureux, Orthodontist joined us in January '14, Boosting the scope of our Orthodontic services.

In spring 2006, MVD picked up and moved 1/4 mile just south of Whitefield town center and now dwells in the Weeks Medical Center.  The three dentists are joined with over 20 supporting staff.  Doctors Brewster & Weber now are qualified Preceptor Adjunctive Professors for the New England School of Dental Medicine.  Externs from the school visit us in 3 month rotations and MVD presently hosts 3 rotations per year.

Future Goals and Growth
We continue to monitor and gather the most up to date and relevant dental procedures for our patients with a continued commitment to continued education.  Combining healing arts and science with an open mind, has enabled us to employ unique and proven methods to promote, maintain, and foster oral health. 

We look for quality and effectivness of our care for our patients only to improve as we plan continued growth, not just in numbers, but in each one of us personally.

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